How to rank website in Dublin

Getting the top Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking is the apogee for an online business to succeed and thrive.

Suppose you just voice searched something. Would you bother to swipe way further on the first page or bother to have a look at the result of the second SERP? There you have it, the reason for the boom in getting a top website ranking.

Today, almost every business has a website. Why do only a few end up on the top while others are somewhere on the tenth page of SERP? It leads us to one of the most asked questions, How to increase the website ranking?

Here is how.

Ensure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Searches are no longer limited to computer browsers. In fact, as per the recent statistics, more than half of the search on the search engine is from mobile devices, especially mobile phones. Ignoring this would eliminate the possibility of making the most out of your ranking efforts.

It necessitates mobile-friendly websites. As per Mobile-first Indexing, the looks and easy navigation on a mobile device affects the website ranking.

Do Keyword Research

Technically, keywords are the phrases used by the search engine user to search anything in the search engine. It makes keywords a part of an effective inbound marketing strategy. Your target audience can find you on the SERP owing to these keywords. Though the heart of the SEO Dublin efforts is content, that would not apply to the target audience if not for these keywords.

Apart from working on a crucial aspect of keyword research – user intent, having competitive intelligence as a part of keyword research would enable you to figure out the competitor’s keyword.

Given the outburst of the voice searches, including those phrases in your content strategy and SEO would cover a broad aspect of the customer search and website ranking. These phrases are popularly known as long-tail keywords. It is an excellent way to start effective keyword research.

The way forward here is not limited to conventional keywords but to work on the various significant aspects to leverage them for making the content more relevant, which would influence the google ranking.

Update Your Content Regularly

Now that you have the keywords in place to target and rank up, it is time to include the strategically m in the content to increase the performance of these keywords. Besides writing outstanding quality SEO Friendly content for your website, additional internal and external content would help get more links.

Improving and updating is the key to keeping the content relevant for a longer time. If you have great content already in place does not mean it would be relevant after a couple of months or years. SEO company Dublin keeps updating it regularly to refresh the SEO efforts and relevancy of the content.

On-Page Optimisation

The key reason most SEO services Dublin wide put a great emphasis on it is that it helps Google better understand your website. A direct result of this is improved Google ranking and organic leads.

Keeping the pivot as specific targeted keywords with a sole purpose to align the various aspects of web pages like title tags, headings, content and more with the targeted keyword, you must optimise the web pages. As a result, the website would become more relevant to search phrases and the user intent of the search. Google would list the most relevant one on the top of the SERP.

Speed Optimisation

Adding speed to the website affects two of the most critical facets of website credibility—ranking and user experience. The users are more likely to leave the web page if the loading speed is considerably low. It would give rise to an increase in the bounce rate. It is a flag that google identifies to rank your website.

It is true for desktop and mobile compatible websites. There are numerous proven ways to optimise website speed, including image optimisation, browser caching, script handling, reducing your redirects and more.

Work on The Links

The impact of internal and external links/inbound links on the website ranking is undebatable. The impactful way to attract more external links for other websites is to have a highly credible and authoritative website. Google crawlers would find such websites relevant.

If a user ends up on the page, popping a 404 error is the last thing you want, so start fixing the broken links first. Further, you can gain a vote of confidence by links from external websites. It supports the accuracy, relevance and usefulness of your content.

Last but not least, the high weight factor on google to rank the webpage is the external links and inbound links, backlinks in short. High-quality content, use of infographics to capture backlinks, testimonials and finding backlink opportunities are among the variety of ways to do it.

Refining the website and keeping up with trends would let your website stay on the top of the SERP ranking.