SEO Tips for Ireland Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a series of processes and tools that for those who do not have knowledge about this may seem complex and difficult, and although at a certain point mastering them completely is like that, we can give you some tips to start this path and help you optimize your page.

These tips are perfect for small businesses that want to increase their visibility with good SEO in Ireland.

1. Register in the Search Engines

The main thing is to get noticed with the most important and popular search engines like Google, for them you can register your page in their database to show that you exist and so they can constantly review your page and determine and improve your positioning.

By doing this you will not only be telling them that you are interested in appearing in those search engines, you will also receive helpful tools that will help you monitor and review the impact of your page.

2. Sitemaps

In the previous sites you can also upload a sitemap so that in real time they receive the changes and updates of your page and can be up to date with your information in order to display it more effectively.

These two steps are the starting point and the basis for optimizing your SEO in Ireland.

3. SEO Inside Your Page

You have to know that search engines take into account certain parts of your page when comparing your information and keywords with that of other sites on the web, if you add the necessary keywords in these places, you will increase the positioning of your page.

These places are:

  • Page title
  • Page URL
  • Headings and heading tags (H1, H2…H8, etc.)
  • Image alt text
  • Meta description

4. Schema Markup

This is a way to highlight the most important information on our page, in this way search engines can more effectively recognize the quality of our content, key information, recipes, answers to questions or details of your business or product are perfect to be highlighted in this way.

Search engines prioritize concise and fast information, therefore highlighting this key information will give you a lot of value as a page and will give you a good SEO in Ireland

5. SEO Outside Your Page

This is all the repercussion that your page has around the internet, either by Marketing strategies or with the natural movement of the followers of your page, for this there are a lot of ways to increase your impact some can be:

  • That other pages have links that redirect to your page
  • Manage social networks
  • Create impact on social media
  • Marketing Strategies and Ads
  • Create content in forums

In short, any strategy that redirects users from external pages to yours will improve your SEO in Ireland.

6. Use of Keywords

Keywords are essential to have a good positioning, using searched, recognized words with a high flow of users and searches is vital to improve your SEO, it is okay to show new things or differentiate from the competition, but, when selecting the keywords for our page, it is better to focus on the known and used ones because that is what the user will be looking for.

You must focus only in a few keywords because trying to cover a very large amount will only hinder the search engines, as your page grows you can expand your keywords, but to start it is better to keep the necessary ones.

You should also consider whether to use short-tail, medium-tail or long-tail keywords, keep in mind that the shorter it will have more search flow but it will be less specific and the longer it will have less search flow but it will be more specific, increasing the possibility of clicking.

To make it a little clearer

  • Clothing: Short-tail keyword, big search flow but not very specific
  • Clothing Store: Medium-tail keyword, normal search flow and specification
  • Clothing Store Dublin: Long-tail keyword, low research flow but very specific

7. Stay Informed of Your Progress

The best way to know if your strategy is working is by registering your page in applications that measure the flow of visits to your page, applications like google analytics can help you with the knowledge of the numbers of your page over time.

With this you can know which strategies have worked and which have not or what content is more interesting for your audience, these applications also help us to know which keywords work better and allow you to be up to date with all the information on your page.

8. Accessibility and Security

Something very important when it comes to improving our SEO in Ireland is that in addition to information and keywords, quality is a very important factor that search engines take into account when positioning results.

That your page is safe and accessible will increase the positioning, some tips to improve this factor are:

  • Keep your interface understandable and tidy
  • Develop your page so that it looks good on computers and phones
  • Use encrypted links
  • Eliminate or fix any broken links or errors on the page
  • Optimize page load times

To detect and monitor load times, Google has tools that analyze this and give you the results of different factors such as:

Largest Contentful Paint: the time it takes to display the largest element on a page.

First Input Delay: represents the amount of time between the user clicks on your link until when your content is displayed for them.

Cumulative Layout Shift: measures how much and how often aspects of your website layout shift unexpectedly


With all these tips you can start to optimize the SEO of your page, but, if you want a totally professional and effective job carried out by experts, here at RankRocket we have the best plans for each business.

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