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When it comes to finding customers who need your products or services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key. RankRocket takes a structured SEO approach by looking at the full image and creating content and technology strategies that improve content on your page and push you to the top of search results. Whether it’s a special project or a constant one, RankRocket’s SEO Team is ready to solve your most difficult challenges and drive your business to succeed online.

Grow Your Business With Our SEO Services

Have you ever wondered why your competitors’ websites are performing better than yours?

You could have all the best design and content on your web pages, but without a proper strategy to perform the best SEO practices, you could end up not meeting expectations.

These days only 5-10% of search engine users go beyond the first page of search results and for your business to stand a chance in generating comfortable revenue through SEO, you must have to appear on the first page.


What Is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a broad term used to describe the process of increasing your page/domain listings in Google search results by any popular search engine. This process has changed dramatically in the last few years since their updates, as technology involving search algorithms has evolved.

RankRocket, as one of the most promising SEO companies in Dublin, offers all the top digital marketing services and website development with guaranteed results.

Here at RankRocket, we are not just focusing on using a single process to help you rank. We use many techniques to keep you up to date and attract visitors who will add more revenue to your business. We do all this without the latest updates and algorithms of Search Engine.

We also ensure that we keep up-to-date information on the latest SEO services and strategies to promote your content and site for potential search results. The SEO industry and process will continue to change. As an SEO organization in Dublin with a team of experts, we can be proudof being perfect.

We demonstrate a complete commitment to the growth of our customers, so our way of growing your business is to integrate all the processes needed to grow a successful website.

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SEO Dublin: Our  First Page Ranking Process


1. Discovery

We have a unique process to ensure your success in your SEO journey on the first page. Aside from the great satisfaction that comes with the page appearance on the Search Engine the first page without spending a pound on ads, we know that you have occasional needs and expectations. We have therefore made it necessary for you to understand your intentions and desires in the strategic session.

2. SEO Audit

At RankRocket we make no mistakes while analyzing how your web presence is related to good SEO practices. This audit is the first step in creating an action plan that will have measurable results. We go beyond the limits to identify as many key issues affecting the performance of organic search as possible.

After doing this, we prepare a comprehensive report on the key issues identified in our study and provide our recommendations to address these issues and get back on track.

3. Competitors Analysis

Knowing who you can compete with, and what they offer, can help you make your products, services, and marketing stand out. Our team at RankRocket uses this information to develop marketing strategies that utilize competitors’ shortcomings and improve your business performance.

Our SEO team at RankRocket not only compares your product to a single competitor but also looks at how many close competitors are doing better and improving in problem areas.

4. Keyword Research

Our keyword research is done in large quantities to find the important information we need such as where to place a keyword, which keywords are easier to book, and which keywords your competitors are fighting against.

RankRocket keyword research can tell you what people want, instead of thinking about what they want and in this survey, we will enter the right keyword to make your pages better.

5. Initial Strategy

After performing the process of planning and obtaining the GAPs on your pages we can improve, we compile a project plan on how to get started and the steps you should expect.

We understand that 6 months is a long time and you would love to see good progress before this time, so we prioritize your work and make sure we reach a milestone in the first month.

SEO Timeline


1st Month

We assure you that you will see significant improvements in the quality of your website within the first month. We do this by doing extensive research on your market and looking at the content on your website. We then made changes to the technology and content to achieve our first-month goal.

2nd Month

In the second month, we create content with the most important phrases and make internal linksto the pages needed to improve your quality and beyond.

3rd Month

Here, we must first see some of the first page results with keyword phrases from the first page. After that, we can go back and fix the lower keywords where needed.

4-6th Month

Here, we are certain you should be smiling to the bank as our goal would have been achieved as promised and we continue to build content and fine-tune the others available.

What Are The Benefits Of SEO?

Regardless of your business, not having an SEO strategy in your growth plan is a fluke. This is why:

Entrepreneurs and Startups

Entrepreneurs and Startups

Finding the right, relevant, and informative content on your pages is important for Google. The secret is to research the keywords people use the most when they search for the goods or services you provide while using the content to change that road.

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