How to rank your website in Ireland?

Websites that are listed on Google’s first page receive over 90% of all traffic. The global market’s changing dynamics and search engines have made it clear to many businesses that adapting to SEO latest trends is essential. These days individuals are in search of relevant information that is presented well.

Many studies have been carried on ranking your website in Ireland on the first page of Google. Researchers have presented various conclusions along with recommendations. But most of them are not useful if you practically try them.

You can use various valuable methods to help your website gain more Google rankings and be seen among Google’s search results based on keywords. Read along to understand ways of ranking your website and check out how it will benefit your Google ranking.

Make your website optimized

Optimize each page of the website if you wish to rank on Google’s first page. Start by optimizing your website’s Meta title. Then, place the appropriate keywords that individuals will make use of in the online research. After that, each visitor to your website will mean increased sales and increased traffic, and finally, higher rankings.

Create quality content

Start by creating excellent web content for your set of target keywords. Get an idea of the problems and issues of your prospects and assist them with your content. Check out other content available online, gain some knowledge from it and improve it.

After doing this, start to directly engage your target audience by promoting content on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and so on. It will drive in traffic to your website and also bring social signals and suitable links from the best website.

Give importance to blogging

  • Write unique blog posts.
  • Keep it original and never copy them from anywhere.
  • The better is the blog quality, the better your website will rank.
  • Promote your blog to allow people to know that your website exists.
  • It will improve website traffic and send your website up on ranking of Google.
  • Check and make sure your blogs include 1000 words at least.

Begin building quality links

Correct links will tell search engines that some other web pages like and will use your page information. The better is the link quality, the better your website will begin to get a higher Google ranking. Follow the below-mentioned tips for quality link building:

  • Provide unique and relevant content on your website.
  • People must be interested in the provided content. They must also wish to link to the content. 
  • Readers must be appealed to it and find it to be beneficial.
  • Guest blog to get a link to your website that has been posted already on a renowned blog or website.
  • You can get help from a blogger for linking and posting it back to your website.
  • Be consistent and post content to the correct audience after finding out the right time.

Be mobile responsive

Being mobile responsive is a significant ranking factor. It will be rewarding your website with better visibility on the web and mobile friendliness. Also, completely mobile-friendly websites perform better and rank higher on search engines compared to non-responsive ones. Google actively punishes the latter ones by reducing their website’s ranking.

  • Most internet users have a smartphone now. 
  • So, make your website user-friendly and easily navigable to help users with all kinds of devices easily find anything they need quickly.
  • Websites that are on the top of the results of the search engines will require an informative and persuasive snippet.
  • Your website will have a restricting character limit to let any user select you over the competitors.
  • Ensure the page visitors land on is of excellent quality and contains original and relevant content.
  • Get number 1 Google ranking for free if you know what you are doing and have enough time to be engaged in your cause.
  • If you do not have that much time, you can hire a professional SEO to get your website to Google’s first page. We provide our services in Ireland as well; we are the best SEO company in Ireland.

Ensure good website speed

Speed of the website is very important it makes a huge difference in Google searches and rankings. If your website doesn’t load fast the bounce rate increases and SEO score decreases. Usually more than half of the visitors expect loading of WebPages in less than 3 seconds.

If, your website is taking more than 2-3 seconds visitors can bounce off. Check if your website is loading faster on all devices. Google favours web pages that run more quickly.

Have a perfect sitemap

You will tell Google about the content of your website. It is a map of the website. Always check that your sitemap is readable, presentable and can be scrolled well. If you do not create a perfect sitemap, you will not be seen on Google’s first page.

They are a list of URLs of keywords you will create and are an important way of communicating with search engines.

Get hold of organized information

SEO experts are often seen to overlook clear and organized information. However, the ranking factor with the algorithms of Google is how much clear are all information available on your website.

The correct organization and accurate information are vital so that Google can understand what your page is about, and it will decrease their time to understand it. It will also offer an excellent experience for all web page users.

Use Pay Per Click Advertising

Are you in search of a fast solution? Then it will never happen. Ranking on Google’s first page organically is a vast process. It will take time, effort and commitment. But for fast results, you can try Google AdWords.

  • It is paid to advertise and is one of the useful pay-per-click advertising.
  • It gets almost 25 % of the total clicks. 
  • You will find paid results on the organic results’ top.
  • Depending on the quality and competition, an Ad’s cost will vary.
  • Google AdWords will let you build a platform to showcase your content to suitable users.
  • You must market to individuals interested in buying, and it will make your rate of conversion consistent, frequent and of high quality.


Understand that the primary secret towards gaining a high Google ranking is by maintaining a target audience. If you do so, your website’s traffic will be staying constant throughout. With increased traffic, your Google rankings will improve automatically. Website plays a crucial role in Google ranking, so you must have to hire a reputed web design company in Ireland.

Likewise, the website’s ranking will be improving as your website starts to gain more traffic. Maintain a consistent number of relevant audiences by engaging with them constantly on your website by producing quality and engaging content within a specific timeframe. As a result, local brands can quickly get hold of press and sponsorship. In addition, it will give smaller brands a great chance of building awareness and generating links.

So now that you have an idea that SEO is important you can visit our page and check our services to rank your website on Google’s first page. Do not waste your time. Contact us and find out the perfect strategy that will suit your business.